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This is that time of a year again.

Our society and all the research are forcingus to adhere to the opinions of others in the matters ofour personality and lifestyle and accept them as the ultimate truth. If we do not follow those conventional rules, we become the ones who create our own. I love to watch interviews of people who have created their own rules. People who think and act according to their beliefs. People who have returned to their own true self. People who were brave enough to escape the trap of expectations of others. These people inspire me; they help me to get out of the web created by established opinions. At times, I stray away from my own convictions. Some of them still work, so I’ll keep them. The older ones, which inhibit and destroy my life, must go. Life is in motion always. I have to keep an eye on my own stumbling blocks. This is that time of a year again. Let’s do the self-inspection. And let's open the door for a new fresh wind of change. Merry Christmas!

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